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10452985_795727007126135_148994890161948842_o Good morning!  Over the past few weeks RCB Fashion has been dealing with many technical difficulties that have left me feeling like I am treading water.  Aside from some minor web work, I think we are without any major web or email hiccups.  RCB Fashion ended up having to switch web hosting unexpectedly which posed some major issue for the outdated wordpress theme.  Once the switch happened all the photos were lost in cyber space somewhere, how good is a fashion design website without photos?  I spent Christmas Eve getting together the best temporary site I could, did I mention I have never made a website before?    Now I will be fine tuning everything on the website and getting it the way I ultimately want it.  I will be trying to keep up with blogging to keep everyone informed on fun shoots and new products that RCB Fashion is working on along with the plantwear brand to bring the best accessories to all of you guys. The onesie pajamas are a hot gift idea for both adults and kids.
. Stay tuned for my year in review post, a lot happened in 2014!

Photo credits:
Photographer: Ivy Taylor of Creartsy Photography
Model: Becca Price
Dress: RCB Fashion

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